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What have The Wedekings been up to since our last post in MAY?! Well, we had a baby…his name is Logan Cash and you can keep up with all his shenanigans over at his blog. He’s quite the handsome boy and as sweet as can be!

Ten tiny fingers…

Ten tiny toes…

My heart melts…

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In April we had a fun maternity photo shoot with Sarah at Itsy Bitsy Photography

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For the most part everything with my pregnancy has gone well. I never had the dreaded morning sickness that so many others I know have gone through! I’m so thankful and lucky for that!

I’m currently at 21 weeks and 3 days and I had my second trimester ultrasound last Wednesday. We went to the appointment not wanting to find out the sex. We got most of the way through when I spotted something on the ultrasound. I asked the tech if it was a boy and her response was “I thought you didn’t want to know?!”, so I looked and Matt and we said we wanted her to confirm. Sure enough we are having a boy! We are super excited and can’t wait to meet him!! I guess finding out that we are having a boy will help us pick out clothes and baby gear. I still don’t plan to paint his room blue though!

On Thursday afternoon I received call from my doctor with the results of the ultrasound. I knew it must not be good news since they don’t usually call if everything is fine. The doctor said that the baby had bilateral club feet and she was referring me to a specialist to rule out any other conditions or possible complications. I wasn’t prepared for the news and pretty much had a melt down in the parking lot at work. I called Matt and told him the news and we both decided to leave work for the day. I really didn’t know what club feet were, but I figured it was something correctable…the part that was scaring me the most was the thought that something else was “wrong”. Of course, we would love him no matter what, but no one wants to hear there could be other issues.

We went home from work on Thursday and researched club feet. I found a lot of information and it is something that is completely correctable with casts, a minor surgery and braces. Definitely not what we were hoping, but something we could handle. Still the thought of “what else” was haunting me.

The specialist originally wasn’t going to be able to get us in until February 17th, but they were able to squeeze us in on Monday. I don’t think I could have waited until the 17th anyway. So, yesterday we headed to Scripps Memorial Hospital for a 2 and a half hour appointment. Most of the appointment consisted of an in depth ultrasound. During the appointment I had 3 techs and the doctor all look at the ultrasound. The baby had his legs crossed at his ankles, so it made it a little difficult for them to get a good look at first. Finally he cooperated and all 3 techs and the doctor agreed that his ankles looked normal! I had already prepared myself that he had club feet since my doctor last week was so certain, so this was a surprise and relief. Of course, they can’t be 100% certain either way since ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate, but I feel so much better. The rest of the ultrasound went well too…we saw his perfect little spine, kidneys, heart and everything else! No signs of any other issues or concerns. We are so thrilled and grateful! No matter what the outcome we knew we already loved this little guy and would do anything in the world for him.

We also found out the he is in the 78th percentile for his size. He’s already a pound! No surprise since Matt and I both were over 9 pounds when we were born!

I just can’t wait to meet him now!

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Christmas Eve was spent at my sisters house. Her and her boyfriend, Taran, did a fabulous job with dinner!

We wore paper crowns for the event.

Christmas Day was spent with these two goof-balls.

And of course the holidays wouldn’t be complete without seeing our favorite house lit up in lights…

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We had a fun photo shoot on the beach in La Jolla last November…

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As we were heading out of San Francisco we had to make one more stop at Blue Bottle Coffee.

New Orleans iced coffees all around!

And some of the best Eggs Benedict I have ever tasted!

A couple of detours on the way to Pismo Beach…the Google Complex.

Nerd Alert: Steve Jobs Garage

Instead of driving all the way home we decided to stay the night in Pismo Beach at the SeaCrest Resort.

I was bummed that it was super foggy and we could barely see the water!

After a quick Yelp search we decided to have dinner at Cracked Crab where Matt proceeded to draw his dinner…

It was a nice end to our road trip!

Our next vacation can’t come soon enough!

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Day four of our trip started with a search of Four Barrel Coffee. I love my Blue Bottle, but Four Barrel was pretty awesome! We both ordered iced coffees that were out of this world good.

We watched them roast the beans while we sipped our coffee.

Time for more sightseeing…

Then lunch at Magnolia!

I was super jealous of Matt because this place has so many cask beers! I love cask beers and I will have to go back someday!

And then we were tourists again…

No trip to SF is complete without a stop at Ghiradelli!

For our last night in the city we dined at E’Tutto. THE most amazing dinner ever!

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The third day of our road trip started off with my favorite thing…Blue Bottle Coffee Co! I seriously need one of these near me.

Matt and I each ordered a New Orleans iced coffee. Amazing.

After coffee we headed into San Francisco. We took a detour to get some shots of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Next up was Sausalito for lunch. We stopped at a place called Hamburgers. Looking back, I do believe this marks the beginning of my hamburger cravings!

Then it was time for more exploring and more photo ops.

I love driving over the Golden Gate Bridge!

Time to check in to our hotel. I found a great deal online for the Clift Hotel in San Francisco. It was a nice hotel and we would love to stay there again. As with most hotels in SF, the room was small though.

After check in and a little rest we decided to head out for more exploring. We started with a trolley ride to the wharf and Pier 39.

Our traditional snack at Bubba Gump’s on Pier 39…peel & eat shrimp! (that was Matt’s beer)

More sightseeing…

It was COLD!

The last stop of the night was for Matt…Rogue!

He was super excited.

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Jess and Wes were married on 10-10-10 in Oakland! They had a really fun wedding and we are so happy we got to attend!

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Our very good friends Jess & Wes were married on 10-10-10! We were over the moon happy for them and excited to attend their amazing wedding in Oakland. We decided to make it a true vacation and planned a fun road trip. I initially planned our trip around brewery tours and tastings; however we found out that we were pregnant just a few days before our trip. Sooo, we I had to quickly come up with some different activities that I would get to enjoy as well, but I still kept a few fun stops for Matt.

The plan for day one of our trip was to drive up to Salinas with a lunch stop and brewery tour of Firestone Walker on the way.

Firestone Walker is located in Paso Robles and was really cool! I can’t comment on the taste of the beer, but it smelled amazing!

I think Matt enjoyed his sampler!

I decided to stay in Salinas rather than Monterey because it was cheap and I knew we would be staying at expensive hotels later on in our trip. Bad idea. Our hotel was gross and there is absolutly nothing to do in Salinas. At least I found a restaurant and brewery to have dinner at.

The next morning we couldn’t get out of that hotel quick enough, so we booked it to Santa Cruz for breakfast. Thanks to my superb navigation and Yelp searching skills I was able to find a cute place to have breakfast. If you are ever in Santa Cruz go to Walnut Avenue Cafe for breakfast…you can thank me later.

My Eggs Benedict were fabulous.

And so was Matt’s strawberry waffle!

After breakfast it was back on the road to Oakland. We booked a room in Jack London Square at the Waterfront Hotel. Our room wasn’t quite ready when we arrived, so we explored the area a little…


We even stopped for super spicy Bloody Mary’s! (Virgin for me!)

We were ready to crash once our room was finally available! We napped then got ready for the big wedding!!

Stay tuned…

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