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posted by Michelley on Aug 4

What have The Wedekings been up to since our last post in MAY?! Well, we had a baby…his name is Logan Cash and you can keep up with all his shenanigans over at his blog. He’s quite the handsome boy and as sweet as can be!

Ten tiny fingers…

Ten tiny toes…

My heart melts…

posted by Michelley on Jan 30

Jess and Wes were married on 10-10-10 in Oakland! They had a really fun wedding and we are so happy we got to attend!

posted by Michelley on Jan 26

Amazingly I only posted twice the entire year of 2010! Wow, I’ve gotten lazy. My last post was in July so, I’m going to back up to where I left off and start with August.

August was a fun month and quite a blur! I’m pretty sure it was a party every weekend. We started it off by going to the horse races in Del Mar. We went with a group from my office and it was a blast!

del mar races

The B-52’s were the featured concert after the races!


Next up we went to a Toby Keith concert in San Diego! We decided to make a weekend of it and stayed in the Gaslamp at Indigo Hotel!

indigo hotel

The hotel was nice and the concert was awesome!

toby keith

Next up was a concert at the House of Blues in San Diego and we stayed in a suite at The Sofia Hotel!

the sofia hotel

And I think that wraps up our August! Stay tuned from September!!

posted by thewedekings on Dec 31

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2010!

Matthew & Michelle

posted by Michelley on Jun 24

This year for our anniversary we wanted to take a mini trip, but weren’t sure where to go. We decided that we wanted to keep it within a 3-4 hour drive from our house. I checked out our options and basically came up with Santa Barbara, Hollywood or San Diego. We really just wanted a place to hang out…whether it be at the pool or beach. However, the weather forecast wasn’t looking promising for a coastal adventure.

So, I continued to rack my brain for ideas when it suddenly hit me…Palm Springs! That is one place we had never spent much time and it was supposed to be SUNNY and warm. This is when I started researching places to stay. My only real requirement was that it must have a nice pool area. I found and fell in love with a Marriott that has an awesome pool and even a water slide; however it came with a $200 per night price tag. Then I came arcross the Riviera Resort and Spa. From the description and photos on there website I didn’t think we could go wrong to quickly made reservations. The hotel is newly renovated and fabulous…and it was only $99!

The pool area was awesome and came complete with a bar. One of my favorite things was that I saw 1 child the entire time we were there. Not that children are bad but I didn’t want to hear little brats yelling “Marco Polo” during my mini vacay! Our room was pretty nice. We were on a corner with a pool view!

We pretty much lounged by the pool all day, even having lunch poolside. Oh and several cocktails. OK, fine…I had a few cocktails too many and had to spend an hour in the room alone with the toilet. But then I eventually made it back to the pool.

We shared a flat iron steak and lobster mac n cheese for dinner in the lounge. There was actually a DJ in the lounge, so we got to listen to some fun music as well.

On our way home we stopped by Tyler’s Burgers, which I can’t recommend enough! We shared a cheeseburger and a strawberry malt…both were so fresh and tasty!

posted by Michelley on Jun 23

Wow, I haven’t posted in over a month! Bad girl!!  So, what have we been up to? Well, we went to Vegas Memorial Day weekend and saw our good friends, Tracy and Anton, get married on a Harley.  Yep, they drove through The Little White Wedding Chapel on the Harley.

The official wedding is coming up soon…in Puerto Vallarta!! They had to make it legal in the states, so they decided to do it while we were visiting.  Others in attendance include the brides brother and his wife.

I got to play Maid of Honor, which basically meant I got to carry Tracy’s crap around in my purse all night! But I didn’t mind because I’m nice like that. She also shared a ginormous cocktail with me.

Congrats Tracy and Anton! We are so glad that we got to be apart of your (un)official wedding!

posted by Michelley on Apr 6

On Saturday morning Matt and I headed to the desert (Ocotillo Wells) to celebrate his dads 60th birthday!  The Wedeking’s never miss a good party!  We headed out around 7:30am and arrived at camp shortly before 10.  Right after our arrival at camp we had an unfortunate accident…the truck and trailer jack knifed and now we have a nasty dent in our pretty truck.  Oh, the trailer made it without a scratch.

Saturday afternoon I hung out at camp with our nieces while Matt went on a ride.  We usually take tons of pictures, but for some reason we ended up with only a handful…so no pics of our afternoon. But you can see this shot of the beautiful Jello shooters I made!  I think I ended up with about 75 of these babies!

The real party started Saturday night.  Aaron and Velinda brought out a caterer, so we enjoyed some carne asada for dinner.  For dessert we had the cupcakes I made!

The rest of the night we were busy enjoying the party.

Oh and Matt shot off some firey tennis balls with his air launcher.  I will do a separate post about the air launcher!

Sunday morning Matt taught me how to ride his motorcycle! I had some encouragement from my nieces. Maddie said, “Michelle, it’s really just like riding a bicycle” and Ros said, “Come on Michelle, you can do it”.  So, I didn’t really have a choice.  Unfortunately, the pics are BLUE! Somehow the camera setting got changed and we didn’t realize it!

posted by Michelley on Mar 26

Matty’s birthday has come and gone.  Another year older.  This year he is testing out 31.  For his birthday we went on an illegal bike ride around Menifee Lakes.  We didn’t get caught, so I guess it was successful.  Doesn’t Matty look cute on his beach cruiser?

Oh and I’m pretty cute as well…

For dinner we headed to BJ’s and shared some great food and enjoyed a few cocktails.  No pictures to share from that, but I will show you the cupcakes I made for him…

AND the cheesecake I made him…

The boy is way too spoiled.

posted by thewedekings on Jun 14

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