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posted by Michelley on May 22

In April we had a fun maternity photo shoot with Sarah at Itsy Bitsy Photography

posted by Michelley on Mar 26

Matty’s birthday has come and gone.  Another year older.  This year he is testing out 31.  For his birthday we went on an illegal bike ride around Menifee Lakes.  We didn’t get caught, so I guess it was successful.  Doesn’t Matty look cute on his beach cruiser?

Oh and I’m pretty cute as well…

For dinner we headed to BJ’s and shared some great food and enjoyed a few cocktails.  No pictures to share from that, but I will show you the cupcakes I made for him…

AND the cheesecake I made him…

The boy is way too spoiled.

posted by Michelley on Jan 3

Greetings readers.  The holidays have come and gone and there is a new year ahead of us.  With the new year we hope to become better bloggers.  So, to start the year off right here’s a little story for you…

It was the day after Christmas and we were driving down the toll road (241) on our way to Orange County when I declared that we should go on a road trip.  Immediately we knew San Francisco would be our destination.  We began scheming and plotting our course.  Then we gave our friend Jessy a ring to let her know we’d be crashing with her.  Always up for an adventure, Jess agreed and insisted we stay with her.

After our visit to Orange County we went home and began packing.  We prepared the best we could for the road trip ahead…cleaning out the car, washing the windows, packing clothes, gathering snacks and sorting through gift cards we had received for Christmas.

On Saturday morning we set out for our journey.  We decided we would take our time and make stops along the way.

Our first real fun stop was Santa Barbara.  We found a park and a lighthouse and walked around there for a little while.

Next stop was Pismo Beach.  We had been wanting to stop by Splash Cafe for some time and try their clam chowder.  It was pretty disappointing.  Next time we will have to try a different place for clam chowder.

 Our next idea was to stop in Santa Cruz; however we figured it would be dark by the time we got there…and with us being vampires and all we didn’t think it was a good idea to stop.  So we opted for Sonic in Gilroy instead…mmm, cheeesy tots and cherry limeades!

We finally made it to the home of Jess and Wes.  They were happy to see us because we are pretty cool…no, really we are.

To be continued…

posted by thewedekings on Oct 31

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