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posted by Michelley on Feb 5

By the time Sunday morning rolled around I really wasn’t feeling well.  My headache started out small but grew worse throughout the day.  But I managed to power through it.  Tracy and Anton hosted a fun Super Bowl party at their place.  I helped a little bit and made my artichoke dip and wrapped the gifts for the prize wheel.  (I ended up winning a cute football tray!) One of Tracy’s friends baked a cake shaped like a stadium, so she got to decorate it!  It turned out really cute!

I had planned to take more photos during the party, but my body wasn’t having it!

We left their house on Monday morning, happily missing the Sunday night traffic! We made our traditional stop at Freed’s Bakery before leaving town.  They have the best cakes!  We got 3 slices to go…Oreo Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and Strawberry Wedding Cake!  All were delicious as usual!!

Oh and I ate some Funjuns.  Really.

posted by Michelley on Feb 3

On Thursday afternoon Matt and I decided that we needed a trip to Vegas.  We figured we could leave Friday after he got off work and come home on Monday.  So, I packed our bags and loaded up the car while Matt was at work and within an hour of him getting home we were off. Surprisingly, traffic wasn’t as bad as we were expecting and we arrived in about 4 hours.  We crashed at Tracy and Anton’s place, which isn’t too far from the strip.  It was our first trip to Vegas where we didn’t stay on the strip, but we got to hang out with some great friends!  Tracy and Anton have completely remodeled their entire downstairs and it looks amazing!  Anyways, Friday night we pretty much just hung out and chatted with our friends.

Tracy and Anton had plans on Saturday to finish up their crown molding with her dad, so Matt and I were on our own to hang out.  We decided we’d do the usual and wander around the strip.  We parked at Caesar’s Palace and had our first drink, which turned out to be too pricey.  So, Matt headed back to the car and grabbed a bag of mini bottles I had been saving for a rainy day.  Man, this blog post is going to make it seem like we have a drinking problem and I cannot confirm nor deny the allegations.  Anyways, we ended up finding a vendor that had Red Bull’s, so we bought one and added our own vodka.

At this point we figured it would be a good idea to actually eat something and headed over to Margaritaville for a snack…OK, and more drinks.  We found our spots at the bar, which just happened to be the same seats we sat in the last time we were there.  We started with some drinks and nachos. Then it was time for our tradition..I asked the bartender to make us shots of her choosing.  After she consulted with her co-workers she made us a concoction of pineapple, sour apple pucker and vodka.  My favorite kind of shot because it didn’t taste the least bit like liqour!

Later we walked around the strip some more and ended up back at Planet Hollywood in Caesar’s Palace.  Matt had to sober up so we could head back to Tracy and Anton’s for dinner.  We shared a sandwich and I enjoyed a couple of more drinks.

I don’t remember too much that happened the rest of the night.  I remember playing a dice game with Tracy, Anton, Gary and Matt…it had something to do with 1’s and 5’s.  Oh and I remember yelling, “Go Anton, it’s your birthday, do a shot” over and over.  It’s something THEY will remember and remind me of the rest of my life!  I’m sure I was annoying, but I think I had fun!

posted by Michelley on Jan 17

Matthew just remided me that I never wrote about day 4 of our trip up north.  I suppose I forgot!  Our day started off with a trip into San Francisco to get our coffee on.  We had heard about Bluebottle Coffee Company and wanted to give it a try.  Matt really isn’t much of a coffee drinker, but he’s always up for an adventure and trying new things.  Bluebottle was a little dificult to find as it seems like it’s in a corner, but we finally made it after several u-turns…there was seriously one street where we coludn’t make any left turns.  Anyways, it is the coolest little cafe.  The place was packed and took a while to get a seat and our order, but I was well worth it!  I ordered the New Orleans Iced Coffee, which is flavored with french chicory.  It was the most fabulous coffee I had ever had.  No comparison the the burnt, watered down crap from Starbucks!  Matt ordered a mocha…which was good too.  We also split the poached eggs on Texas toast with proscuito. I have been craving it ever since!  We will definatly have to make it a tradition to stop there whenever we are there!  Sorry, we were enjoying the experience too much to stop and take any photos.  We will have to remember next time!  I am also planning to order some coffee from them soon…unless one of my friends in the SF area want to pick some up for me so I don’t have to pay for shipping.  Hint, hint.

We sort of took our time going home.  We thought we would go check out the Googleplex in Mountain View and the Apple Campus in Cupertino.  We thought that would be more exciting than what it turned out to be.  They should have stores open to the public or something.  But we took a few pics while we drove around.

Google It

Apple Campus

Our trip included several stops to various Costcos looking for a Nintendo DS Lite for ME…but they were all sold out.  🙁

We had so much fun on our road trip.  Matt and I get along so well and we laugh so much…at each other and others!  We can’t wait for our next road trip and look forward to seeing our SF friends again soon!


posted by Michelley on Jan 6

Sadly, Jessy and Wes had to work on Monday.  However, Jessy just happens to work at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco!  She was able to get us in there and we spent the morning exploring.  Jessy was able to show us around a bit before going to work.  The Academy is located in Golden Gate Park, so it was absolutely beautiful.  We were lucky enough to see the first showing at the planetarium, which was pretty cool…(I must admit that I fell asleep for a moment or two during the show though).  I think my favorite part of the Academy was the roof and the albino alligator.

After lunch, Matt and I headed out for more exploring in the city.  We first thought about going to the wharf and doing the usual sight seeing; however it was such a beautiful day we decided to go for a drive instead.  We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, which is something I had never done before.  Then we made our way to the Point Bonita Lighthouse.  The views were spectacular!

We then decided to make our way to Lombard Street…niether of us had driven down Lombard before, so it was fun!  I’d have to say driving up Lombard was a bit nerve wracking since it was so steep, but the drive down was fun!  I’m so glad we were able to make up our own adventure!

Later we met back up with Jessy and Wes for dinner!  We had such an amazing time visiting the city and catching up with our friends!

posted by Michelley on Jan 4

The evening we arrived at Jessy’s we went out to the Conga Lounge in Oakland!  It’s part of Pizza Rustica’s restaurant downstairs.  Oh man it was good!  I had a drink, but I can’t remember what it was called…it had banana liquor in it though!

After a lovely night of food and game playing we woke on Sunday to a sunny day in NoCal.  First on the agenda was brunch.  We ended up at a cute little place called Marzano.  Matt ordered the most delicious huckleberry french toast and I had a side of homemade sausage.  Delicious!

Then we were off to Fairfield for the Jelly Belly factory tour.  In case you are ever in the area you should at least stop by for unlimited FREE samples!   After that we spotted an olive oil shop that also had free tastings.  They had some good stuff and we bought a bottle of the zesty garlic olive oil.  Mmm…

We were pretty pooped after our busy day so Jessy decided she would just cook dinner instead of going out.  Oh and we watched the Chargers kick the Broncos bootys!

posted by Michelley on Jan 3

Greetings readers.  The holidays have come and gone and there is a new year ahead of us.  With the new year we hope to become better bloggers.  So, to start the year off right here’s a little story for you…

It was the day after Christmas and we were driving down the toll road (241) on our way to Orange County when I declared that we should go on a road trip.  Immediately we knew San Francisco would be our destination.  We began scheming and plotting our course.  Then we gave our friend Jessy a ring to let her know we’d be crashing with her.  Always up for an adventure, Jess agreed and insisted we stay with her.

After our visit to Orange County we went home and began packing.  We prepared the best we could for the road trip ahead…cleaning out the car, washing the windows, packing clothes, gathering snacks and sorting through gift cards we had received for Christmas.

On Saturday morning we set out for our journey.  We decided we would take our time and make stops along the way.

Our first real fun stop was Santa Barbara.  We found a park and a lighthouse and walked around there for a little while.

Next stop was Pismo Beach.  We had been wanting to stop by Splash Cafe for some time and try their clam chowder.  It was pretty disappointing.  Next time we will have to try a different place for clam chowder.

 Our next idea was to stop in Santa Cruz; however we figured it would be dark by the time we got there…and with us being vampires and all we didn’t think it was a good idea to stop.  So we opted for Sonic in Gilroy instead…mmm, cheeesy tots and cherry limeades!

We finally made it to the home of Jess and Wes.  They were happy to see us because we are pretty cool…no, really we are.

To be continued…

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