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posted by Michelley on Feb 1

Christmas Eve was spent at my sisters house. Her and her boyfriend, Taran, did a fabulous job with dinner!

We wore paper crowns for the event.

Christmas Day was spent with these two goof-balls.

And of course the holidays wouldn’t be complete without seeing our favorite house lit up in lights…

posted by Michelley on Jul 4

Happy 234th Birthday America!

And Happy 27th Birthday to my baby sister!!

posted by Michelley on Jun 6

We had so much fun at the Balloon & Wine Festival yesterday! We got up EARLY to watch the balloon launch and meet up with my dad, his girlfriend and her daughter.


After that we came home to chill for a while. My dad came over to hang out too until they could check into their hotel. THEN we decided we had to take them to Sweet Lumpy’s for a BBQ lunch.

sweet lumpy's

I ordered the tri-tip burrito and I have to admit that the nacho cheese was the selling point for me. It came with freshly made fries too! I was only able to eat a little less than half the burrito.

tri-trip burrito

Matt had my fave – the pulled pork sandwich!

pulled pork sandwich

After lunch my dad and crew headed to their hotel and Matt and I decided a nap was in order. What was planned to be a 20 minute power nap turned into a 2 hour sleep-fest. Oops. But we made it back to the festival around 4:30. Just in time for some fun wine tasting and exploring!

wine tasting

Only made it through a couple of wine tastings before I switched over to beer. Shock-Top to be exact. Beer just seemed more refreshing in the 90 degree heat than wine. Although the wines I tried from Thornton and Wilson Creek were ah-mazing!

wine tasting

For dinner I went with a BBQ Chicken Pizza from CPK and Matt had a tri-tip sandwich.

CPK & Beer

Matt says relax!


We met back up with my dad & co and listened to the Gin Blossoms! I think I know exactly 3 of their songs. But it was fun to watch.

Gin Blossoms

After the concert we headed over to watch the balloon glow. Somehow Alyssa and I convinced a balloon operator-guy to let us in a basket. We know people.

balloon glow

I posted all the pics from the day on Flickr, so feel free to go check them out!

posted by Michelley on Aug 27

I’m a little frustrated because this morning I wrote this great post about our ride around Silverwood Lake and now it’s gone! I SAVED the draft because I still had to upload the photos and embed the video. So annoying. I’m just going to blame it on Matt even though he’s been at work all day. That’s how I roll.

Anyways I’m going to make this one short…we rode around Silverwood Lake on Saturday. In Aaron’s Manx. The end.

Just kidding. So I’ve been wanting to get a helmet cam for Matt when he rides his motorcycle, but I didn’t really want to spend the dough on a good one. Well, I found an Action Cam on Amazon Gold Box a few weeks ago for $50 and ordered it. I wouldn’t say it produces the greatest quality videos, but for the price it’s awesome! The camera will record 1 hour with a 2GB SD card. OK, back to the ride…Matt had the idea to attach the camera to the Manx so we could shoot our entire ride. We ended up with over 5 hours of video, so Matt sped it up to make a short 22 minute video. I’m pretty fond of the part at about 11 minutes in when all the guys are running to the bathroom. I suggest you watch the entire video, but make sure you set aside 22 minutes of your life first. Oh and wait 30 minutes after eating to watch otherwise you might get sick.

Silverwood Lake Ride from Matthew Wedeking on Vimeo.

To view the photos of the day you can check them out HERE.


posted by Michelley on Aug 6

I made my sister a crazy-good ice cream dessert for her birthday.

But she was sad because I only put 9 candles instead of 26 on it.

Then she spit on it.

posted by Michelley on Apr 6

On Saturday morning Matt and I headed to the desert (Ocotillo Wells) to celebrate his dads 60th birthday!  The Wedeking’s never miss a good party!  We headed out around 7:30am and arrived at camp shortly before 10.  Right after our arrival at camp we had an unfortunate accident…the truck and trailer jack knifed and now we have a nasty dent in our pretty truck.  Oh, the trailer made it without a scratch.

Saturday afternoon I hung out at camp with our nieces while Matt went on a ride.  We usually take tons of pictures, but for some reason we ended up with only a handful…so no pics of our afternoon. But you can see this shot of the beautiful Jello shooters I made!  I think I ended up with about 75 of these babies!

The real party started Saturday night.  Aaron and Velinda brought out a caterer, so we enjoyed some carne asada for dinner.  For dessert we had the cupcakes I made!

The rest of the night we were busy enjoying the party.

Oh and Matt shot off some firey tennis balls with his air launcher.  I will do a separate post about the air launcher!

Sunday morning Matt taught me how to ride his motorcycle! I had some encouragement from my nieces. Maddie said, “Michelle, it’s really just like riding a bicycle” and Ros said, “Come on Michelle, you can do it”.  So, I didn’t really have a choice.  Unfortunately, the pics are BLUE! Somehow the camera setting got changed and we didn’t realize it!

posted by thewedekings on Sep 16

What?!?!  No posts since July?  Holy mother of Kiefer Sutherland…well, I’m not sure if she’s holy, but HE sure is.  Matt doesn’t understand why I would have a crush on someone so old, but really he’s only 12 years older than me.  I think I could live with that.  As much as I’m sure you want to hear more about my love for Kiefer, that’s not what this blog is about.  You want to know what we have been up to lately?  Not a whole heck of a lot!

We were busy at my moms for a while.  When she decided to move to Texas I had to get all of my stuff that I had left when I moved out 7 years ago.  I left a lot of junk there!  I had no idea!!  I also took most of the Christmas decorations and some other miscellaneous things.  It took us several trips to get it all!

The plan was for me to drive my moms car while she drove the U-Haul truck to Texas.  Well, the night before we left on our road trip we talked Matt into coming along with us.  I’m so glad he did because my mom wasn’t looking forward to driving the 27-foot truck!  It was 1144 miles from my mom’s to my grandparents.  We decided to drive it in 2 days.  The first day wasn’t so bad, but by the second day I really started to resent the U-Haul truck.  It seemed like it took forever to get there because we had to stop every couple of hours.  My mom brought along her 3 daschunds (Augie, Sam & Ginger), cat (“B”) and the cockatiel (Max).  They all did very well and I think they enjoyed the road trip too.

We got in around midnight on Sunday and Matt flew home on Monday (Labor Day) so he wouldn’t miss any work.  I decided to stay until the following Monday so I could spend time with my mom and grandparents.  While I was there I acquired no less than 25 mosquito bites.  I’m not exagerating.  It was ridiculous!  I also got to enjoy a few of my favorite Texas treats…snow cones, fried okra, fried catfish (which made me sick) and Sonics cheese tater tots and Cherry Limeades!!

Well, that pretty much sums up our road trip.  Below are a few pictures from the road.

Woohoo, road trip!



That’s my mom back there!






New Mexico



posted by Michelley on Jun 5

Since my grandparents were in town for my sisters graduation we decided to have them over for a BBQ. So, this past Saturday my mom and grandparents came over. I whipped up some of my homemade barbeque sauce and we grilled some ribs.

When I was a kid my grandparents would spoil us with homemade ice cream. My sister and I would sit and wait for what seemed to be an eternity for the ice cream to be done. I mostly remember the banana ice cream they would make…it was heaven. So, when we decided to have the fam over I declared that I was brining the ice cream making tradition back. For our wedding my mom had given us an ice cream maker. I have never been able to get the darn thing to work right. I figured I could utilize my grandparents expertise and they could get it to work. With my mom and grandmother, I prepared the ice cream for the freezer. Then we took it out to the backyard and put it in the bucket thing. Matt and my grandfather took over from there. There was an issue with it getting stuck, so us gals headed to The Walmarts. My sweet grandmother bought me a new ice cream maker. Upon getting it home we realized that it kept getting stuck as well. But in the end the ice cream came out pretty good. I can’t wait to make more this summer! Sorry, I really only have one pic to show off the entire process…

After the ribs and ice cream we headed inside to play some Wii. My mom and grandparents had a blast! My mom and Matt even boxed!

posted by Michelley on May 30

Yesterday Matt and I had the pleasure of attending my sisters graduation at Cal State Long Beach. Yes, we had the pleasure of parking far, far away. We also had the pleasure of sitting in the hot sun for nearly 3 hours. But in the end we got to see my baby sister graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Yes, the smarty pants double majored! And now she is off to get her masters degree. We couldn’t be more proud!

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