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posted by Michelley on Mar 30

A couple of days before we went to Vegas we dropped Matt’s laptop off at Best Buy for a few of repairs. Actually there were several things that needed to be fixed: the speakers were blown, the CD/DVD burner wasn’t working, the track pad was constantly getting stuck, there were a few pixels that were brighter than others and the hinges were breaking. His laptop was almost 3 years old and the service plan would have expired in May, so we figured we would get it all repaired while we still could. Read the rest of this entry »

posted by Michelley on Mar 22

And we’re back! I took Matt to Las Vegas for his 30th birthday. It was originally supposed to be a surprise trip for him, but I can’t keep a secret! What a fabulous trip we had! I cannot wait to go back. We had a ton of fun and tried some new things. Matt and I usually only play a few slot machines when we go and pretty much relax. Neither of us had ever really played any of the tables, but Traci helped us out this time and it was a blast! I was trying to think of a clever way to write about our trip, but I think I left a few brain cells in Vegas. Here’s an overview of our trip…I guarantee that we had more fun than you’ll ever know!!

We drove out Wednesday morning and got to our hotel around 2:00. We stayed at Treasure Island, which neither Matt nor I had stayed before. I would say they have the best linens and beds of any hotel we’ve stayed at on the strip. It was a great hotel. I think that it’s my new favorite place to stay in Vegas. After we got there our intention was to walk around, have some drinks and a snack before our show. Instead, we ended up hanging out in our room for a couple of hours drinking. MAN DID WE DRINK. A bottle of vodka and several beers later we headed to the show. We saw Zumanity at New York New York. It is one of the Cirque Du Soleil shows, but with nudity. It was a good show, but not really what any of us had expected. If you want to see a Cirque Du Soleil STYLE show I would suggest seeing Mystere. Anyways, after the show we grabbed a bite to eat and that was pretty much the end of the night. We were all a bit queezy after all the boozing earlier in the day.

On Thursday we headed down the strip. We figured we would try a few of the cheap casinos to see if anyone had $5 blackjack tables, no such luck. We cozied up to a bar at Imperial Palace for a few drinks and a little video poker. Then we were off to Margaritaville for some more fun. We had a pretty cool bartender and ended up hanging out there for a while. Next we went into O’Sheas and found a fun $10 blackjack table. There was only one cocktail waitress for all the tables, so it took forever to get a drink. Traci got our entire table yelling “Cocktails” every 4 minutes! It was hilarious and soon the table across from us joined in. We obviously weren’t being serious gamblers, but still made out pretty well. On the way back we stopped in Toby Keith’s Bar, which was disappointing. Later that evening we saw Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay. It was a pretty good show; however I think my mom would have enjoyed it more than us. But it was still fun.

Traci and I woke up fairly early (8am) on Friday morning so we could get some more blackjack fun in before the end of the trip. Matt showed up a short time later and joined us at the table. Oh what fun! We sat there until we had to check out of our room. By the end of the trip I walked away over $500 ahead. Matt, on the other hand, lost about $60.

On our way home we stopped by Freed’s Bakery in Las Vegas where I had ordered Matt a birthday cake. This is also where our wedding cake was from and we go by here anytime we are in Vegas for a slice of cake. Their cakes are divine!

You can find more pics here.

posted by Michelley on Mar 12

New blog and we’re already slacking on the posts. This blog might not be updated as frequently as our others, but we’ll still try to stop by once a week. Consider this version 1 of our website. There are some changes we are working on. Actually, MATT is working on it. He’s the brains behind this operation. I just tell him what I want and it magically happens. He’s the bomb that way and why I love him so much! OK, enough of that mushy stuff and onto more important matters.

I apologize to anyone reading this where the weather isn’t so friendly. We have had some amazingly nice weather for the past week. On Sunday we went down to La Jolla Shores for Mason’s (our favorite 3 year old) birthday party. It started out a little overcast, but cleared up quite nicely. We relaxed, played with the rugrats and took a short walk down the beach.

On our list of projects for the next couple of months is to finish the landscaping in the backyard. One of the joys of buying a brand new house is that you sometimes just get dirt in the yard! Our plan is to first build a fence in the back on one side to hide our trailer. We have a slight slope that’s about 2 feet high along the back wall. So then we want to either build a short retaining wall or do some curbing around that and kind of border the lawn. Then we are going to plant some more palms and other plants along the back and sides of the yard. We are thinking king and/or queen palms, banana palms and birds of paradise for sure. We would also like to add some more concrete or pavers to our patio to make more room for the grill as well as for the fire pit. This may or may no get done this summer. I don’t think we will get to doing the patio cover this year either as that seems like a lot of work. Even though, a patio cover would come in handy when it’s 115 degrees in August…

posted by thewedekings on Mar 5

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