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posted by Michelley on Apr 29

Our weekend was pretty fabulous! Friday night started out with Aaron’s birthday party. They boys all went to Pole Position for some kart racing. Then off to their house for dinner and drinks.

Saturday night we met up with Alfred and Jen and headed to Downtown Disney. They had extra tickets to see Richard Cheese at the House of Blues. But first we started with Tapas and drinks. The concert was OK; not sure we are fans of Richard Cheese though. Our favorite was Cashed Out, who opened the show. We would definitely like to see them again!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Matt worked in the yard most of the day. Then we discussed where the curbing should go. Which by the way is scheduled to be done on the 4th!

That’s it kids! I leave you with some eye candy…


posted by Michelley on Apr 12

Tragedy struck the Wedeking household this week. Two years and one month ago we invested 20,000 pennies in this:

 Sadly, we had to retire it. The lights were on but know one was home.


 We promptly replaced it. 25,000 pennies later.


posted by Michelley on Apr 8

I had a nice post ready to go, but then our server went down and I lost it! Can you believe it? Anyways, long story short, we celebrated Tracy’s birthday on Saturday night! We headed to Newport Beach to have dinner at The Crab Cooker and then over to Woody’s for drinks. It was fun and I’m glad we got to spend time with Tracy and Anton! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from the evening…

Yes, Anton serenaded Tracy at dinner. At this point she was in tears from laughing so hard. What a guy!

You can view more pictures of the evening in our photo gallery.  (Some of the pictures were apparently deleted from our camera.  The camera must have been passed around to too many drunk people!)

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