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posted by Michelley on Jul 24

Wow, I haven’t posted in over a month!  Sorry ’bout that we’ve just been busy!  I’m going to tell you about Matt.  He’s decided that he can build things.  He’s always been pretty handy, but I’ve never seen him build anything like this.  About 2 weeks ago he decided that he wanted some new cabinets for the garage.  We have acquired several tables…we have 2 6 foot banquet tables, a card table with 4 chairs and a 3 foot table.  I guess he just got tired of seeing them everyday, so he built some cabinets!  I don’t have any before pics of the garage but here are a couple of during and after shots.  I have to say that he did a mighty fine job!  The are all pretty much straight and level.  The cabinet on the right houses the tables and chairs and the cabinet on the left has shelves and housing random garage stuff like my giant roasting oven, the ice cream maker and legos. And yes, he wears flip flops while operating saws…just as a true Californian should!

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