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posted by thewedekings on Sep 16

What?!?!  No posts since July?  Holy mother of Kiefer Sutherland…well, I’m not sure if she’s holy, but HE sure is.  Matt doesn’t understand why I would have a crush on someone so old, but really he’s only 12 years older than me.  I think I could live with that.  As much as I’m sure you want to hear more about my love for Kiefer, that’s not what this blog is about.  You want to know what we have been up to lately?  Not a whole heck of a lot!

We were busy at my moms for a while.  When she decided to move to Texas I had to get all of my stuff that I had left when I moved out 7 years ago.  I left a lot of junk there!  I had no idea!!  I also took most of the Christmas decorations and some other miscellaneous things.  It took us several trips to get it all!

The plan was for me to drive my moms car while she drove the U-Haul truck to Texas.  Well, the night before we left on our road trip we talked Matt into coming along with us.  I’m so glad he did because my mom wasn’t looking forward to driving the 27-foot truck!  It was 1144 miles from my mom’s to my grandparents.  We decided to drive it in 2 days.  The first day wasn’t so bad, but by the second day I really started to resent the U-Haul truck.  It seemed like it took forever to get there because we had to stop every couple of hours.  My mom brought along her 3 daschunds (Augie, Sam & Ginger), cat (“B”) and the cockatiel (Max).  They all did very well and I think they enjoyed the road trip too.

We got in around midnight on Sunday and Matt flew home on Monday (Labor Day) so he wouldn’t miss any work.  I decided to stay until the following Monday so I could spend time with my mom and grandparents.  While I was there I acquired no less than 25 mosquito bites.  I’m not exagerating.  It was ridiculous!  I also got to enjoy a few of my favorite Texas treats…snow cones, fried okra, fried catfish (which made me sick) and Sonics cheese tater tots and Cherry Limeades!!

Well, that pretty much sums up our road trip.  Below are a few pictures from the road.

Woohoo, road trip!



That’s my mom back there!






New Mexico



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