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posted by Michelley on Aug 27

I’m a little frustrated because this morning I wrote this great post about our ride around Silverwood Lake and now it’s gone! I SAVED the draft because I still had to upload the photos and embed the video. So annoying. I’m just going to blame it on Matt even though he’s been at work all day. That’s how I roll.

Anyways I’m going to make this one short…we rode around Silverwood Lake on Saturday. In Aaron’s Manx. The end.

Just kidding. So I’ve been wanting to get a helmet cam for Matt when he rides his motorcycle, but I didn’t really want to spend the dough on a good one. Well, I found an Action Cam on Amazon Gold Box a few weeks ago for $50 and ordered it. I wouldn’t say it produces the greatest quality videos, but for the price it’s awesome! The camera will record 1 hour with a 2GB SD card. OK, back to the ride…Matt had the idea to attach the camera to the Manx so we could shoot our entire ride. We ended up with over 5 hours of video, so Matt sped it up to make a short 22 minute video. I’m pretty fond of the part at about 11 minutes in when all the guys are running to the bathroom. I suggest you watch the entire video, but make sure you set aside 22 minutes of your life first. Oh and wait 30 minutes after eating to watch otherwise you might get sick.

Silverwood Lake Ride from Matthew Wedeking on Vimeo.

To view the photos of the day you can check them out HERE.

posted by Michelley on Aug 7

Matt and I did’nt really have any plans for the 4th of July this year, so I decided to call up my friend Tracy and invite myself to do whatever she was doing. That’s how I roll. I’m not ashamed. Her and her family just so happened to have a drive up to Santiago Peak planned for that afternoon. And we were invited to meet them up there.

Matt and I didn’t even know Santiago Peak existed before then. They were all headed up through Orange County, while Matt and I found a trail that started in Corona. It took us at least 2 hours to make it up to the peak. It was so much fun!

There are several antennas on the peak.

The views from the top were amazing. We could see downtown LA, San Clemente, Palomar, Ontario…all over southern CA!

We a fun picnic lunch and a little wine at the top! So fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Although parts of the trail going up were questionable in the truck. So, on the way down we followed the Carlsons back down through Orange County.


posted by Michelley on Aug 6

I made my sister a crazy-good ice cream dessert for her birthday.

But she was sad because I only put 9 candles instead of 26 on it.

Then she spit on it.

posted by Michelley on Aug 5

For as long as I can remember Matt’s been wanting a guitar and no, he doesn’t know how to play. So one afternoon we decided that it was finally time and headed to Guitar Center. We looked around for a while and fiddled with some guitars before deciding on a Yamaha. We went pretty much off the looks of the guitar since neither of us can play. The staff assured us it was a good beginners guitar and off we went.

Matt’s been serenading me ever since…not really. The guitar is now sitting in the office gathering dust. But at least it looks cool sitting on it’s nifty stand. And we occasionally bust it out making up songs about each other. I’m sure glad no one is here to hear us.

posted by Michelley on Aug 5

Waaaaay back in June Matt and I visited Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido for a brewery tour and tasting. Neither of us were huge Stone fans, but thought the tour and tasting would be fun.

The process for getting tour tickets is a little annoying. We got there a little before noon for the 12:00 tour; however you actually have to get there 2 hours prior to the tour starting to get tickets. We didn’t know that. So, we had to wait in line to grab tickets for the 2:00 tour. The line wasn’t bad as we were pretty close to the front of the line. With our 2 hours to kill we headed out to have lunch then came back for the tour.

The brewery was pretty small, but still interesting. We learned all sorts of things that I have forgotten since then. I never was that good in school.

Anyways, as usual the best part was the tasting afterward. I’m usually not a fan of the dark beers…actually I hate them. But they were included in our tasting and my favorite turned out to be the Stone Smoked Porter. I could totally taste the hints of coffee and chocolate in it. We even bought a jug-thing and brought it home.

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