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Our very good friends Jess & Wes were married on 10-10-10! We were over the moon happy for them and excited to attend their amazing wedding in Oakland. We decided to make it a true vacation and planned a fun road trip. I initially planned our trip around brewery tours and tastings; however we found out that we were pregnant just a few days before our trip. Sooo, we I had to quickly come up with some different activities that I would get to enjoy as well, but I still kept a few fun stops for Matt.

The plan for day one of our trip was to drive up to Salinas with a lunch stop and brewery tour of Firestone Walker on the way.

Firestone Walker is located in Paso Robles and was really cool! I can’t comment on the taste of the beer, but it smelled amazing!

I think Matt enjoyed his sampler!

I decided to stay in Salinas rather than Monterey because it was cheap and I knew we would be staying at expensive hotels later on in our trip. Bad idea. Our hotel was gross and there is absolutly nothing to do in Salinas. At least I found a restaurant and brewery to have dinner at.

The next morning we couldn’t get out of that hotel quick enough, so we booked it to Santa Cruz for breakfast. Thanks to my superb navigation and Yelp searching skills I was able to find a cute place to have breakfast. If you are ever in Santa Cruz go to Walnut Avenue Cafe for breakfast…you can thank me later.

My Eggs Benedict were fabulous.

And so was Matt’s strawberry waffle!

After breakfast it was back on the road to Oakland. We booked a room in Jack London Square at the Waterfront Hotel. Our room wasn’t quite ready when we arrived, so we explored the area a little…


We even stopped for super spicy Bloody Mary’s! (Virgin for me!)

We were ready to crash once our room was finally available! We napped then got ready for the big wedding!!

Stay tuned…

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  1. Jessy Oates Says:

    LOVE you guys!!!!

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