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For the most part everything with my pregnancy has gone well. I never had the dreaded morning sickness that so many others I know have gone through! I’m so thankful and lucky for that!

I’m currently at 21 weeks and 3 days and I had my second trimester ultrasound last Wednesday. We went to the appointment not wanting to find out the sex. We got most of the way through when I spotted something on the ultrasound. I asked the tech if it was a boy and her response was “I thought you didn’t want to know?!”, so I looked and Matt and we said we wanted her to confirm. Sure enough we are having a boy! We are super excited and can’t wait to meet him!! I guess finding out that we are having a boy will help us pick out clothes and baby gear. I still don’t plan to paint his room blue though!

On Thursday afternoon I received call from my doctor with the results of the ultrasound. I knew it must not be good news since they don’t usually call if everything is fine. The doctor said that the baby had bilateral club feet and she was referring me to a specialist to rule out any other conditions or possible complications. I wasn’t prepared for the news and pretty much had a melt down in the parking lot at work. I called Matt and told him the news and we both decided to leave work for the day. I really didn’t know what club feet were, but I figured it was something correctable…the part that was scaring me the most was the thought that something else was “wrong”. Of course, we would love him no matter what, but no one wants to hear there could be other issues.

We went home from work on Thursday and researched club feet. I found a lot of information and it is something that is completely correctable with casts, a minor surgery and braces. Definitely not what we were hoping, but something we could handle. Still the thought of “what else” was haunting me.

The specialist originally wasn’t going to be able to get us in until February 17th, but they were able to squeeze us in on Monday. I don’t think I could have waited until the 17th anyway. So, yesterday we headed to Scripps Memorial Hospital for a 2 and a half hour appointment. Most of the appointment consisted of an in depth ultrasound. During the appointment I had 3 techs and the doctor all look at the ultrasound. The baby had his legs crossed at his ankles, so it made it a little difficult for them to get a good look at first. Finally he cooperated and all 3 techs and the doctor agreed that his ankles looked normal! I had already prepared myself that he had club feet since my doctor last week was so certain, so this was a surprise and relief. Of course, they can’t be 100% certain either way since ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate, but I feel so much better. The rest of the ultrasound went well too…we saw his perfect little spine, kidneys, heart and everything else! No signs of any other issues or concerns. We are so thrilled and grateful! No matter what the outcome we knew we already loved this little guy and would do anything in the world for him.

We also found out the he is in the 78th percentile for his size. He’s already a pound! No surprise since Matt and I both were over 9 pounds when we were born!

I just can’t wait to meet him now!

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  1. Jessy Oates Says:

    OMG you guys, i am elated. what a story! i am so glad you are blogging, i hope you keep it up!

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