Together we are Matthew and Michelle.

We create. We travel. We nap. We explore. We eat. We drink. We rock.


I am Matthew.  I am an electrical engineer working as a lowly civil engineer.   Someday I will have a real job where I can  put all this knowledge in my head to use.  According to my wife I am too smart for even my own good.   I am always reading and learning about new technologies and I NEED to know how things work.  I enjoy drinking, off-roading and working around the house.


My name is Michelle. I work and live in sunny Southern California. I have too many ideas and not enough time. I’m also a traveler, sushi eater, Starbucks drinker, planner, shopper and shot glass collector. I love taking pictures and getting in touch with my creative side.  Someday I will retire to a tropical island and open a bar on the beach. Someday.

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